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Open positions

Account Manager

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For Who?

Haavi is built for B2C lead generation

Haavi's powerful technology for lead generation fits for different type of companies, such as:

B2C Companies

Haavi is suitable for companies operating e.g. in the eCommerce, retail, insurance, telecommunications, energy & home renovation industries. With Haavi you are able to collect the most potential B2C leads from your own website, or by driving traffic to your landing pages with our affiliate panel feature or through your own channels, and distribute the leads automatically to your sales professionals or to your email software.

Media Owners

When you have lots of traffic coming to your site(s) you can monetize it with Haavi, as you can start collecting consumer leads for different B2C companies. Just build a survey with Haavi, integrate it to your own website(s), start collecting leads and distribute them automatically to your customers. With our affiliate panel feature you can also use different affiliates to drive traffic to your survey to collect even more leads to your customers, so you can earn even more.

Lead Distributors

Haavi is built by LeadSpark Oy, a Finnish company that has been delivering B2C leads since 2016 via surveys and giveaways to companies operating in a variety of different industries. Therefore, we are certain Haavi's features will fit the needs of any other lead distributor!


With Haavi you can start collecting B2C leads and distributing them automatically to your own customers by building landing pages for giveaways, which can be designed to fit the branding guidelines of your customers.

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LeadSpark Oy has been collecting and distributing B2C leads since 2016 with Haavi and now with this guide we are sharing our learnings with you.

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