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Open positions

Account Manager

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Simple, yet powerful features

When it comes to lead generation, Haavi has you covered!

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With our dashboard you can easily keep track of all of your campaigns as how they are performing, how much revenue they are bringing and keep track of all the collected and delivered leads.

Campaign Management
Contact Database
Contact Management
Multi Campaign

Landing Page Builder

You can build customized landing pages for surveys or for giveaways with our landing page builder, which requires no coding skills. You are able to edit the text, images, colors, contact information required and customize the questions you want to ask from potential leads.

No-code Landing Page Builder
Lead Capture

Lead Validation, Processing & Distribution

Validate leads for email and phone numbers, cross-check with your own or outside databases. Automatically process & distribute leads, so you or your customer can contact the potential leads ASAP. Customize lead distribution to fit your or your customers' needs.

Delivery Schedule
Lead Distribution
Lead Management
Lead Qualification
Lead Validation
Multiple Lead Delivery Methods
Routing Rules

Real-time Analytics & Reporting

Analyze your campaigns' performances to optimize lead generation efforts and increase the ROI to grow your business. A/B test pictures, text & colors of the landing pages of your surveys or giveaways. Keep track of the revenue generated.

Analytics / ROI Tracking
A/B Testing
Conversion Tracking
Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Affiliate Panel

Use affiliates e.g. influencers or email newsletter owners to drive traffic to your landing pages and reward them based on the conversions (leads, such as email newsletter subscribers) they are bringing to you. This is your own affiliate panel for your brand, so you can select which affiliate gets access to your campaigns. This way you can control where your brand is seen and as there is no third party affiliate panel between you and your affiliates, you both benefit from it!

Affiliate Management
Commission Management
Conversion Tracking
Source Tracking

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