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Lead Generation in Marketing

List of 4 reasons why you should start collecting warm leads for your business.

Why wouldn’t you collect warm leads for marketing and raise your brand awareness at the same time? Collecting warm leads allows businesses to educate and nurture prospective customers through marketing efforts such as email marketing and digital advertising. Marketing to warm leads is usually more effective and hence cheaper than marketing to the masses. Businesses rely on attracting new customers and automating the process with software can really make a difference.


The first part of lead generation is to establish contact with potential customers and encourage them to provide personal data. This usually means that you have to offer a good incentive to people to do so. For most businesses, this can bean informative article download, product giveaway or a discount code. Creating a separate landing page for the questionnaire is important, but also you should think about how you collect the data, clean and organise it and if you are following the GDPR. This is important and using software created for exactly this purpose can be helpful.


A lead generation software Haavi offers easy to use landing page builder, lead validation, processing and distribution. You also get real-time analytics and reporting that helps you analysing if your lead generation campaign is working and a possibility to have affiliates generating traffic to your questionnaire.

Here are 4 reasons why you should start collecting warm marketing leads today with Haavi:

- You get a warm database you can target your digital advertising, rather than advertising to big uninterested masses. These people are interested in your products and want to hear from you. You can use this database for your Facebook, Google and Banner ads targeting as well as on your email marketing.

- You will understand what part of the customer is on their journey and what advertising to show them for best results. You can divide your warm leads into blocks of people who already know your brand well and customers who are unsure what you actually do. For both of these segments, you want to advertise differently as some might be ready to make a purchase and others are just learning about what you do.

- You do not waste money and time creating ads, offers and products that your customers aren’t interested in. With Haavi you can ask questions like if people are used to purchasing things at discount or full-price, if their purchase decisions are affected by ethical reasons or something else. This helps you to create an offer that they can’tsay no to!

- You can boost your lead generation campaign with affiliates. This tool is part of Haavi and doesn’t need any additional set-up or costs. It allows affiliates to bring traffic to your landing page for free and you can only pay only to them when someone fills in the data and allows you to use it.

With Haavi you can collect warm leads with added information that gives you the power to create customised marketing offers and ads just for them. Try now for free. Haavi makes the process more automated, creating a flow of warm leads for your business that can be turned into sales with less effort.


Put in the time to grow your customer database and it might just be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have total ownership over.

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